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Hi. My name is Linda Eskin. In May of 2009, at age 46, I came to Aikido to improve my horsemanship. It's become about much more than that for me.

Aikido is a Japanese martial art. It's not about fighting. It's about being aware and responsive, not defensive or reactive. We learn to work with others and with circumstances, rather than opposing them. The lessons from Aikido permeate my life. Our training applies as much off the mat as on it. My teacher is Dave Goldberg Sensei at Aikido of San Diego.

I speak from my own experiences - technical and philosophical, physical and spiritual. I discuss training and writing, learning and teaching, seminars and meditation, freedom and discipline. Underneath it all, it's about connecting, with ourselves and others.

Everything I say here is just what I say. Don't believe me. Find out for yourself at a dojo near you.




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Most of the posts here are duplicates of my posts from my blog on, a very active and friendly community of Aikido students and teachers. If you are a member of AikiWeb, and would like to comment, please do so there.

I am a beginning student of Aikido, a martial art that, like horsemanship, takes a lifetime to master. These posts are only my own observations on my own experience. You should not rely on anything I say here. Any inept or incorrect information is my own responsibility, and should not be a reflection on others.

I am grateful to Dave Goldberg Sensei for being an extraordinary teacher, and for creating an engaged, thinking, and compassionate community of students and teachers at Aikido of San Diego. If you are in the area, visitors are always welcome to observe classes. If you are a student at another local dojo, keep an eye on our dojo calendar for upcoming seminars and other events.

Copyright © 2009-2014, Linda Eskin. Please feel free to share any of my poetry, online, or in print, keeping my name and any other acknowledgments with it. I will almost certainly be happy to let you use anything else I've posted here, with proper attribution, but please ask first.

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This page is a handy place to find all my posts about words used in an around Aikido. These posts are meant to help students listen for, and understand, the technique names we hear in class, and to give those names a little context. 

I describe some techniques (such as “the one where you aim to strike at the center of the head”) just enough to give the idea of what I’m talking about, but please don’t rely on anything I write as instructions for how to do the techniques. Go to class, ask your sensei or sempai, and watch closely. 

If you train at another dojo, a lot of this may be helpful, but keep in mind that different dojo sometimes have different names for these things. Use these posts as a starting point for learning to listen for the words used in your own dojo.

My Posts (so far) About Words

The very first post you should read is A Few Words, an introduction to my Words posts.

Just starting out in Aikido? Some basic words you’re probably hearing a lot: Huh? What’s Everyone Saying?

Preparing for your 6th kyu exam (the first exam, at our dojo)? Read 6th Kyu Words to learn how technique names are constructed, and what they mean.

Playing with sticks? Here are some Weapons Words that might help you understand the big picture about the kinds of exercises we do with weapons.

Coming soon, speaking of weapons, Jo Words, Bokken Words, and Counting in Japanese